What is a Residential Care Facility?

A residential care facility (RCF) offers housing for individuals who need assistance with personal care and/or medical needs. Our RCF provides room, board, housekeeping, supervision and personalized care assistance based on the resident’s assisted daily living (ADL) needs.

Our level of care and supervision is for people who are unable to live by themselves but who do not need 24 hour nursing care like that of a skilled nursing home. We specialize in bariatric-care, early dementia care and other complex care needs.

Our residential care facility blends two worlds into one — an opportunity for members who need assistance but also a social and loving community.

Five Petals of Excellence

Personalized Care

Other residential care facilities provide care in a one-size-fits-all fashion. However, old-age, especially with dementia cannot be addressed in a one-size-fits-all program. At Rivera Mansions, we provide special attention to each person’s need for support, his or her personal strengths, and unique symptoms and challenges. We make sure that we create personalized resident care plans and train our caregivers to be as adaptable and flexible based on our resident’s requirements.

Hospitable Culture

At Rivera Mansions, we encourage our residents to be independent, enable their freedom to choose, preserve dignity, and nurture the spirit of involving family and friends.

Holistic Approach

From personalized care, to our highly-trained staff, to use of technology, our care for our residents is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account the interconnection of physical, mental and social health.

Power of Vitality

Vitality is the state of being strong and active! Here at Rivera Mansions, we promote active energy in all parts of a person’s well-being. This includes the mental, physical, social and emotional aspect of one’s being. Based on a holistic approach, we ensure that our fresh food from the kitchen sustains a strong body, our encouraging activities promote a clear and healthy headspace and that our ambient community provides for safe and loving support.

Vibrant Living Space

Our residents have access to beautiful dining and living spaces, including a fully-functional room designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring a simplified scenario for various conditions.

Services Provided

  • Secured, two-story buildings
  • 28 spacious rooms, complete with own half-bathrooms and flat screen TVs
  • Nutritionally prepared and individualized snacks, meals, and diets
  • Onsite Registered Nurse and Dietician
  • Qualified and experienced personal care assistants on site, 24 hours a day

Quality Care

  • Behavior management/interventions
  • Specialized bariatric care
  • Specialized diabetic care
  • Specialized advanced ADL care
  • Colostomy care
  • Hospice and respite care
  • Two person assist transfer
  • Portable lifts with slings up to 700lbs
  • Qualified and experienced personal care assistants on site, 24 hours a day

Journey: How Can We Assist You

Finding the right senior living community for a loved one can be a daunting task. You want to find the right place for your family member to live, but there are so many factors to consider it can be hard to know where to begin your search.

Need Help

You or your loved one have probably been in a place of daily confusion, where some problems continue to appear. Although this is different for everyone, one’s personal needs may require constant monitoring. For a loved one, this is a normal expectancy of life. Our facilities service 24 hour care, putting relatives at ease at whatever stage in life you or your loved ones need.

Starting a New Chapter

Starting a New Chapter — In this new chapter in life, changes occur. Without extra difficulty, our care team ensures that once a resident has settled in, we perform care action plans and review the resident’s needs in order to align them with our facility so that we can further provide you the most personalized levels of service whether that be a diet plan or a bathing schedule or other daily assists.

Continuous Care

Continuous Care — Through continuous review, our care action plan is ever changing to your needs. As aging is a process, we understand that your line of care isn’t stagnant, rather a plethora of beneficial options and treatments catered to your changes.

Successful Moving Guidelines

Step 1. Communicate

It is important to verbally specify your exact needs and wants for a practical, smooth and simple picture of your new home. Albeit a smaller sq footage, it is important to take what is needed and to voice your concerns.

Step 2. Blueprint

Illustrate a plan on paper on what your new home may look like. Lists are helpful in order to visualize the significant pieces of furniture and other belongings that will aid in the feel of your space.

Step 3. Gather Help

Asking for help is okay! Gathering help from relatives, friends and experts is a must. Consider hiring a moving company for your belongings to smooth the transition and ease into Move-In day.

Step 4. Sort / Organize

While downsizing may be a struggle, go through and categorize your items and belongings in order to sort through the necessities. Maybe it’s choosing your favorite Pajamas or a bright lamp or keeping all of your beloved pictures in a keepsake box.

Step 5. Toss Unused Waste

Toss Unused Waste — De-clutter and remove unnecessary items that will not be of weekly use in your new home. Although an emotional process, remember that minimization is key to keeping your space clean and functional.

Step 6. Move-In Day

Move-In Day — It’s here! Pack the most essential items in a travel suit care for easy access on this day. These are the most vital pieces while moving on a hectic day to ensure normalcy and a smooth transition.