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Inside Rivera Life

Lifestyle of a Rivera Mansions Resident

Live your best life at Rivera Mansions. We provide all of the personalized care services you would expect from a residential care facility + more.

Our care staff work endlessly with grace and respect so that our residents can have full vibrant lives despite physical, aging and cognitive limitations

rivera life inside

Focus on Well-Being

The Rivera life focuses on improving the different phases of our resident’s well-being: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. We encourage our residents to learn new information, try new physical tasks, and participate in simulating activities that are fun.

Continuous Care

We perform continuous resident evaluations to assess cognitive function, social engagement, nutrition needs, and mobility/physical functions to identify our current and future resident abilities, frailties and care requirements. As a result of these evaluations, a personalized care plan is created to strengthen the resident’s abilities, maximizing function and promoting independence. We partner with our in-house nurses, nutritionists and staff, resident’s primary care physicians, families and a engage in a host of other functional activities designed to enhance our resident’s lives and abilities.

Personalized Connections

We design our resident activities to be stimulating, engaging and fun. We encourage our residents to enjoy each other’s companionship to celebrate life in our community.

Daily Experiences

Through our established holistic approach in our services, Rivera Mansions seeks to bring you more meaning with ease and thoroughness in your daily life. With fruitful resources resulting in favorable outcomes, your happiness comes first and foremost.

Healthy Dining Options

We have a restaurant-grade kitchen and staff, an in-house nutritionist that makes sure our residents get a well-balanced, healthy, fresh, and high-quality meals and at the same time enjoy it in a home-like and relaxed atmosphere.

Quality Assists in ADLS

Our trained care staff assist our residents if they have difficulty performing activities of daily living (ADLs). We regularly review each resident’s care plans for any necessary adjustments as personal care needs evolve.

Engaging Activities

At Rivera Mansions, we offer opportunities to engage, enjoy, express, learn, and grow each day. Our dedicated activities team develops an extensive calendar tailored to our residents’ needs and preferences.

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Social Community

Rivera Mansions focuses on the social interactions between everyone in the community to foster a deep human connection. This relationship between the care team and the resident enables a more in-depth understanding for the resident’s needs as well as fostering a bond for the rest of their lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the duration of my or a loved one’s stay be?

The duration of a loved one’s stay may last from a couple weeks to a couple months to a couple of years. Depending on what is needed for the individual, your loved one’s stay is dependent on their short and long term needs.

What will the room look like?

Each spacious room enjoys an expansive window including a bed, dresser, side table, closet, and a flat-screen TV. This room is complete with an easily accessible half bathroom.

What will be served for meals?

Based on our resident’s care plan, diet, and lifestyle, our on-site nutritionist ensures a well-balanced diet specifically curated for the resident. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are served with wholesome and freshly cooked ingredients from our full-time cook. Our meal plans are posted for the residents to view for the upcoming week with specific changes necessary to the resident’s diet.

Will there be enough privacy?

All residents have a right to privacy. Personal care assistants, med-aides, and nurses support and respect the well-being of our residents and their time with loved ones.

Will the staff be able to provide me and my loved one with what is need?

The staff, which includes 24-hour personal care assistants and med-aides, a full-time nurse, cook, activities director, and nutritionist, all assist in promoting and providing the full Rivera life experience.

How will those needs be fulfilled?

The Resident’s needs are fulfilled by assisting in daily living activities and are tailored to your loved one’s needs. Rivera Mansions promotes holistic wellness that promotes optimum life and personalized care.

If I’m confused about the process, whom can i contact? Where can I find information on the website?

You can contact our Facility Administrator, at 971-808-5562 or email and we will try to respond to you within a day.